Parliamentary Economy: Investment law and money laundering would be introduced soon to stimulate the private sector

Special - scales News - He confirmed a member of the economic and investment commission parliamentary Najiba Najib, Thursday, that the legal investment and money laundering will be articles in the next House of Representatives sessions, stressing the Commission sought to stimulate the private sector.

She said Najib's / scales News / "The previous governments were not serious about activating the private sector, the absence of clear economic plans and visions for it," indicating that "the revitalization of this important sector is the focus of attention of the executive and legislative branches."

She added that the "rentier economy, which depends on oil only, and are formed on the basis of the fiscal budgets of the country will not be able to meet the state's needs and citizens of the services and special projects in the light of falling oil prices," noting that "the Council of Ministers of Representatives determined to send and legislation of laws that encourage industry, investment, legal and private investment and money laundering Thariahma who will be in the next parliamentary sessions."

It is said that the economic expert Abdul Hassan Shammari warned earlier that the government's reliance on the private sector will not Anhiha economically, indicating that the application of the four economic laws approved by the Parliament and ratified by the Presidency in order to implement and monitor adequate amounts lead to build a solid economy Rezin and the government.

The "representative of the foremost authority in Karbala Ahmed Safi called, earlier, for the state to mitigate placed upon it by stimulating the private sector unemployed", calling for "the provision of job opportunities for those who are unemployed and have no jobs provide them with a decent living."

While stressing the economic expert contrary goldsmith, earlier, that the "private sector support will lead to the creation of new jobs and open new horizons and areas of business have not been dealt with over the past years, adding that there is a good orientation of the central bank because be supportive of economic activity" ./ It ended 29 n / 10