House of Representatives finish reading two bills

House of Representatives ended its session twenty-ninth session, which was held under the chairmanship of Dr. Salim al-Jubouri, President of the Council and in the presence of 230 deputy Thursday 15/10/2015 the second reading of two bills usual.

At the outset of the meeting President al-Jubouri recall one year after the martyrdom MP Ahmad al-Khafaji, noting that the House of Representatives will hold next Sunday Ostzkarh to pause and to all the martyrs of the House of Representatives.

Mr. Speaker, as alive Championships armed forces and members of the popular crowd and clans and the Peshmerga who Iqaron terrorism in the provinces of Anbar, Salahuddin and achieve victories.

On the other hand, Mr. Abdul-Jabbar Rhiv sworn deputies substitute for MP resigned Layla al-Khafaji.

It ended the second reading of the draft law of the sea and the identity provided by the Commission services and ages.

In the interventions of ladies and gentlemen of Representatives on the bill, Rep. Najiba Najib was amazed inventory of authority to give the identity of the Minister of sea transport only and not covered by the provincial councils.

The MP pointed out that Ammar Tohme law on the granting of the variance procedures in the case of identity loss.

In its response to the interventions, the Committee on confirmed taking into consideration what has been raised from the notes for the purpose of fueling law.

Council and allergic second reading of the draft imports municipalities and submitted by the committees of services and ages, financial and legal law at the request of the competent committees.

The Council also completed the second reading of the draft agricultural land rent and submitted by the Committees on Agriculture, water, marsh, legal, economic and investment law.

In the interventions, ladies and gentlemen MPs, MP Izz al-Din State expressed reservations about the bill in its current form without amendment will lead to the results being intersect with other laws and do not meet what is required by law.

He stressed MP Hassan Turan on the importance of the bill to be integrated within the legal system, particularly related activities in Kirkuk, asking not legislation such laws until the resolution of the land issue which has been distributed in the province in accordance with the decisions of the dissolved Revolutionary Command Council.

He suggested MP Hassan Khalati make way for specialized agricultural companies to rent farmland, especially given that the distribution of land to individuals did not achieve positive results required for the advancement of the agricultural sector.

He called MP Abbas al-Bayati, to address the issue Lessors farmland for many years and the inclusion of the food basket for the Iraqi people within the agricultural products that are.

For its part, demanded the MP Ghaida Kmbh inclusion of peasants and victims of terrorism to the exceptions contained in the draft law.

He MP Abboud al-Issawi, a lot of procedures and approvals related to the approval of the Minister of Agriculture, which leads to increased red tape, suggesting ownership of agricultural land to tenants.

He suggested that the MP Ammar Tohme be for graduates of agricultural colleges in addition to the population of the region priority in public bids for land.

And it showed Rep. Najiba Najib said the bill contains numerous irregularities and creates many sort of problem being a competent minister gives wide powers in each province privacy, which requires the granting councils to maintain broad powers with the importance of agricultural land in the disputed areas exception.

In turn considered MP Ibtisam Hilali bill of important laws that contribute to the development of the agricultural situation and limit the immigration status of the countryside and the abandonment of agricultural land, demand by allowing agricultural engineer who has experience in the rent of agricultural land.

He noted the Attorney Joseph Saliwa to the importance of following up the issue of the exploitation of agricultural land properly by the presence of the competent committees.

The MP Kazem Al Shammari attention on the need for graduates of agricultural colleges by giving them the opportunity and determine the quality of strategic crops in the law.

She called MP Ashwaq dry to the cancellation of the dissolved Revolutionary Command own farmlands Council resolutions and work on the legislation laws serve farmers effectively.

He urged the MP Mohsen al-Sadoun on identifying surplus land through legislation of new laws conform with the current situation and the changes that took place in the powers of the provincial council, demanding to wait in the enactment of the law until the ripening and treatment for all the changes that have occurred in Iraq.

The MP pointed pioneer Isaac that the bill did not provide for the mechanism of dues and rent allowance.

For his part, MP Mohammad Taqi Mawla the need to go to the promotion of agriculture, considered as an additional resource of national income and support the provinces, which owns farmland and wide.

He suggested MP Tariq friend Add legal substance except territories covered by Article 140 on the disputed areas.

He MP Haneen Qadu that support the agricultural sector is a priority task, but the reality of the situation requires determining the quality of farmland, both of which are watered with irrigation or rain importance of reforming the desert land.

And it confirmed the high Nassif MP on the need to identify the specific cultivation of strategic crops and kinds of standards.

In its response to the interventions of the Committee on confirmed that the law addresses the window Agricultural contracts have been contracted since 1983 at low prices, noting that the law creates a state of balance between lessors formerly occupied and now.

This was followed by the parliamentary Health Committee issued a statement repeated attacks on doctors and health and nursing staffs and denounced noting that doctors are doing a great service in carrying the burden of the medical process and support the security forces in the face of terrorism, pointing to doctors subjected to extortion, threats and killings.

The committee recommended to activate the application of the law protecting doctors and follow up all cases of abuse with the importance of the practice of doctors Guild for her role by expediting the establishment of the union elections, calling on the sons of the tribes and civil society organizations to support and protect the doctors.

On the other hand, Mr. Jubouri said to the existence of a request from the MP Huda Mohammad Mehdi includes waiving its membership, to resign in favor of Mr. Safa Jarallah being a recipient of the highest voices, adding that demand will be presented at a future meeting for the purpose of voting on it.

Council and allergic second reading of the draft law on protection against domestic violence and submitted by the committees of women, family and children, human rights, legal and religious affairs at the request of the heads of the committees concerned.

Then it decided to adjourn the meeting to Sunday 18/10/2015

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Iraqi Council of Representatives