Haitham al-Jabouri: ten formation in the Prime Minister's Office to deal with the country and development economy and waste of public money
October 15, 2015 2

Member of the Finance Committee Attorney Haitham Al-jubouri that economic reform is now the first two-way fight corruption and other development revenues that go to non-oil country.

Al-jubouri said in a press release with "economy" newsletter "customs tariffs and taxes ranked first in the revitalization of the economy",

"Further reform of the State and reform of the real estate ladder and payroll system, stating that" there are long-term programmes for agriculture, industry and tourism, saying that all actions pour to develop the Iraqi economy. "

Al-jubouri revealed that "Cabinet form ten specialized commissions in 10 different files, reducing red tape and tax evasion and customs tariff application and structuring financing companies and allocated by the committees concerned with industrial and tourism and elves".

He said that 80 percent of those ' commissions have been completed and the results seemed to show the public through programs for application ".