Economic: import "placebo" sapped much of the hard currency
October 15, 2015

Economic expert alecs Antoine, said Thursday, "the imports placebo" sapped a lot of hard currency (the dollar) in the country, stressing the need for Foreign Exchange Control Department checks the import lists.

Antoine told reporters "our economy" followed news that the "supposed conversion Control Department in the Iraqi Central Bank to monitor any dollar sold at the Central Bank," pointing out that "failure to control the sale of the dollar has led to some of the lists of fake import in large sums."

The Economist said that "foreign exchange control Department must know if the dollar is sold for the purpose of import by competent official, or tainted by a lot of doubts," Noting that "in case of no matching import lists you must be held accountable according to the law."

And between Antoine "phenomenon has grown by exploiting some procedures the Central Bank providing cheap dollar via currency auction without strict controls on imports, creating a significant opportunity for the financial mafias eject large amounts of dollars outside Iraq", calling for "the establishment of a Commission with a fight against economic crime of the Ministry of the Interior to reduce wastage.

The parliamentary Finance Committee member Massoud Rustam, earlier detection, the activation of a plan to fill the gaps before the almgmaia "political business" which smuggled currency abroad, saying near the legislation money laundering Act and vote. "