Chairman of the Board of Basra announced Abadi approval to postpone an increase of sales tax

Alsumaria News / Basra - The President of the Basra Governorate Council morning Albzona, Wednesday, for the approval of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to wait to increase the sales tax on imported goods across land and sea border crossings in the province.

Albzona said in an interview to the Sumerian News, "It was a meeting with the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi in Baghdad which showed that the decision to increase the sales tax led to disable the border crossings in the province and caused lower revenues to the lowest level."

He added that "al-Abadi agreed to postpone an increase in the tax on imported goods across land and sea border crossings in the province."

The Albzona, announced yesterday Monday, that it was a decision to abolish the sales tax in the absence of decline in the Ministry of Finance for its decision to increase the tax, in what was considered that the ministry aims through its decision to disable conservative outlets in order to force traders to import their goods across border crossing points in the Kurdistan region.

According to the head of the Health and Environment Committee in the provincial council Haidar al-Saadi, the "increase the sales tax is not alone that led to the injury of the border ports in Basra paralyzed, but check imported food procedures also caused major problems," noting that "food imported must send samples to the laboratories of the Ministry of Health in Baghdad for the purpose of examination, which leads to the accumulation of fast food spoilage within the ports for periods ranging from a week to ten days, and sometimes according to test results that the goods unfit for consumption, but in fact corrupted because of her detention in poor conditions and for relatively long periods inside the border crossing points."

In a related context, it rallied about 50 merchant and importer near the entrance to the commercial port of Umm Qasr to protest against the increase in the sales tax.The director of the Department of Information and relationships in the General Company for Ports of Iraq Tigers Abdel Moneim net in an interview with Alsumaria's News, "The demonstrators demanded the abolition of the increase approved by the Ministry of Finance in respect of the sales tax, so that was 3%, and increased to 18% of the value of the goods," he said "The sales tax increase overshadowed a negative impact on commercial ports work in general."

The port Safwan border land only between Iraq and Kuwait saw in (14 September 2015) peaceful demonstration similar where participants from importers, traders and truck drivers gathered at the port gate and caused its closure a few hours in protest at the Ministry of Finance to increase the sales tax on certain types of imported goods, including Modern cars piled hundreds of them inside the port.