Maliki: clans are the basis for the defense of the areas

By Roudao

3 hours ago

Roudao - Baghdad

Deputy President of the Republic "Almrhq" Nuri al-Maliki said that "Iraq-based well-known noble Bashairh national positions."

Maliki said during a meeting with a number of elders and tribal leaders Aekal according to a statement his office "actively sons clans thwarted plot Daash when everyone's cooperation to defend Iraq," adding that "the tribes was and still is the foundation of keeping the security of areas and defend against any aggression may be exposed to him by terrorists and extremist groups. "

Maliki said that "the suffering of Iraq is the result of the schemes and changes in the region and the world," warning of "being dragged behind the project tearing Iraq since the beginning of the project tearing the nation by turning the Arab and Islamic worlds to ethnic and sectarian provinces," noting that "there are those who work Currently on the implementation of this project in some countries. "

Maliki praised "the efforts of the Iraqi tribes in addressing the organization Daash, and by seeking to strengthen the national cohesion."

For their part, the elders and tribal leaders Aekal their thanks and gratitude to the Vice President of the Republic, the Grand National appraisers role in preserving the unity and sovereignty and security of the country.