Abdul-Mahdi, confirms the importance of developing the right policies and priorities in respect of the general budget

Wednesday 14 October 2015 | 9:52

BAGHDAD / ... saw Oil Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi, said that "the provision of adequate budget to achieve security funds, and the victory over the Daash requires the right policy priorities and respect for and adherence to goals.

He said Abdul-Mahdi, in a statement received "eye Iraq News," a copy of it, that "the Ministry of Finance ended the draft budget by the legal period in the month of October .. It is supposed to be presented to the cabinet for discussion and approval, to present later to the Council of Representatives for approval before the end of the year, Otherwise, we will go the first months of 2016 on the basis of the base 1 to 12 of the 2015 expenses, and this is confusing and causes a big mess and damage due to the preparation of the budget in 2015 and the failure to approve the 2014 budget essentially circumstances.

He added, "The most important fact they are investigating the targets 2016 budget .. Is there a real objectives of your target budget? Or is it just the allocations of the ministries and departments not associated with the Ministry .. and we all know it's a repeat of the allocations of previous years .. which in turn is the accumulation of ill-considered, in most of them , expenses and plans prepared in conditions of chaos and confusion and without final accounts and gains and losses at the end of the year to determine the feasibility and senses.

He continued, "If we let placed oil which are essential and which reveal the nakedness of our great regret, because it can cut off or confused, the main source of the budget would take a break and confused .. from here interest in providing financial and contractual peripherals, while working to reduce costs, and negotiate with companies, and the mobilization of the national effort to raise production and exports and derivatives. The basic objectives that must be achieved for the budget and only lost a lot of its effects, which according to our according to the following priorities.

"The movement of the budget of the national economy .. The collapse of oil prices and the weakness of investment activities from the state for this reason, will leave the budget confined mainly operating expenses .. The budget is known as the financial, monetary and economic great tool, you can according to directions they portray themselves to the economy move and put its policy and legislative incentives and spending power, financial, monetary and contractual allows the revitalization of the public sector and the civil sector, and stimulate the banking, industrial and agricultural, energy, trade and tourism and the service sector. "

And that "encourages the budget to absorb the rising unemployment .. It is known that the state, after the decline in the real sectors and the private sector, now is the pot the most important new business .. According to the information, the budget will not be able only to develop a few thousand cadres in the armed forces, health and education are basis .. and therefore, the more young people Stfahm depths of unemployment. do not mean to absorb unemployment more than the Angels .. but more measures and policies to promote the interests outside the public sector, to contain more of the workforce .. Though the inclusion of workers in the Ahli and the private sector to retire, similar to sector year, it is a significant legislative and executive, but to balance the relationship in this matter, at least from the allocation set by the state pension fund for this sector in addition to the hand puts employers and employees. "

He pointed out that the budget provides sufficient funds to achieve security, and for the victory in the fierce battle that led the country against Daash and terrorism and to provide stability.

He noted that the availability of the budget or policies of the money or the methods or incentives to launch services, especially electricity and water .. as well as in residential, educational, health and youth fields, and in the transportation, telecommunications, municipal services and care forms, and administrative reform and judicial.

"We believe that it is possible, and does not require a lot of extra money, but requires the right policies and respect the priorities and stick to targets, which will also mean that the true implementation of other targets derived inherent in the above goals. Ended 1 status