Expert: American rock will not affect the Iraqi State Oil Marketing

BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) - predicted oil expert Ahmed horses, that the investment of the United States for its oil shale will not affect the Iraqi Oil Marketing, likely that the United States begin to rely on the amount of oil in rocks early 2020.

It is said that the latest report of the International Energy Agency, predicted shale oil production fell sharply in the United States until next year because of falling oil prices.

He's horses (IMN) said that "Washington has stopped importing oil by 2020 and converts it to export oil found in rocks, will impact negatively on the environment, especially groundwater, because the extraction will depend on the chemicals."

He pointed out that "shale oil production costs high amounts reach up to $ 70 per barrel, making the process is economically viable," expected to "rely on this resource will be for a period of ten years only and then you'll find Washington felt compelled to return to import."

He favored oil expert Hamza Jeweler, earlier, in an earlier rise in demand for OPEC oil in the first half of next year as 2016.