House of Representatives to vote on one end and read the law three laws 10-13-15
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Thread: House of Representatives to vote on one end and read the law three laws 10-13-15

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    House of Representatives to vote on one end and read the law three laws 10-13-15

    House of Representatives to vote on one end and read the law three laws

    The twenty-eighth the voice of the House of Representatives held its session usual, headed by Dr. Salim al-President of the Council and in the presence of 244 deputy Tuesday 13/10/2015 the one law as well as accepting the resignation of MP Leila Khafaji, while finished reading three bills.

    At the outset of the meeting, Mr. al-Jubouri, congratulated the Islamic nation and the Iraqi people on the occasion of the Islamic New Year, wishing the security and stability of Iraq.

    In another matter, Mr. President of the Council over the concern of the House of Representatives in the ongoing Kurdistan Region of events, calling for giving priority to dialogue on the use of violence on the outstanding issues of the seriousness of the situation and the language, because it is good for the citizens of the province.
    Mr. Jubouri and expressed the readiness of the House of Representatives to contribute to a dialogue of the truce between the Kurdish parties and put out the fuse of the crisis in support of democracy.

    On the other hand, followed by MP of quitting head of the security and defense committee parliamentary statement bless the start of operations (Beck, O Messenger of God) to cleanse the entire parts of Salahuddin province of Conception terrorists, praising the heroic role that was carried out by Hawks atmosphere in the strike that targeted the leaders of al Daash and the criminal Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, reiterated behalf of the Council and the Commission on defense and security, supporting the army and the popular crowd and peshmerga fighters and the sons of the tribes to hit nests Aldoaash through their support in the budget of 2016.

    The statement called for the need to consolidate the media and political discourse to support and sustain the security forces and urged them to move towards clearing areas and easily obtainable and not to give an opportunity for terrorist groups in the reorganization.

    On the other hand, the Council voted to accept the resignation of MP Leila Khafaji, upon request of the conviction entitlement was a member of the Council by an alternative candidate.

    President al-Jubouri, in turn, announced the existence of requests for the resignation of two deputies, others will be included on the agenda later if legal action is complete.
    The Council voted on draft accession of the Republic of Iraq to the 1988 Protocol on the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea of 1974, as provided by the law of the Foreign Relations Committee in order to join the Protocol.

    In another matter, Mr. al-Jubouri, the face of the security and defense committee to investigate the issue of the security situation in Diyala province, which has seen a spike in kidnappings.

    Mr. President of the Council again called upon the government to stop acting appointment and submit names to the House for a vote, whether in the civil administration or the military.

    The Council also ended the first reading of the draft law Law and submitted by the Legal Committee, which came to organize the work of the legal profession from national and professional and behavioral side as a result of the increasing numbers of belonging and in line with the decentralized system in Iraq, and to ensure the achievement of the objectives of the union on fully in line with the legal profession requirements of democracy and shifts in Iraq.

    Council and completed the second reading of the draft law on ratification encouragement and protection of investments between the Government of the Republic of Iraq and the Government of the Republic of Belarus and submitted by the Committees on Foreign Relations and the Economy and Investment Convention on the Law.

    In the interventions, ladies and gentlemen members of the Council, expressed MP Jawad al-Chairman of the Committee on the economy and investment support for the draft law as being in line with the content of the Investment Law.

    And I was amazed MP high Nassif is not selected for the Foreign Relations Committee standards to achieve a quorum to vote on these international conventions.
    He welcomed MP Mohammed Naji to ratify the agreement with the Republic of Belarus being poured in investment promotion.

    Dulaimi called Olive MP to go about investment and the opening of new outlets for the advancement of economic reality in Iraq.

    MP saw Awad al-Awadi, that the solutions contained in the agreement is a prosthesis does not live up to promote investment, stressing the need to vote on the investment and activate the law.

    In its response to the interventions of the House of Representatives, the Committee on it indicated its willingness to study the proposals and views submitted and considered, noting the need to speed up the vote to encourage investment sector.

    Council completed the second reading of the draft law of the First Amendment to the Medico-Legal Law No. (37) for the year 2013 submitted by the Committee on Health and the Environment.

    In the interventions of ladies and gentlemen of Representatives on the bill, Rep. Nora Albjara called to give students the privileges makes them willing to engage in the field of forensic medicine.

    Rep. Najiba Najib felt that the large number of amendments to the law does not serve the implementation of the measures contained therein, noting that the reasons for the law unrelated to modify it.

    The MP Ammar Tohme on the need to include law incentives to work in the forensic medical field as well as providing protection for workers in it.
    Turn MP Sadiq he hinted that the incumbent enjoys a forensic doctor years of service and experience sufficient.

    MP Izz al-Din urged the state to review the bill and especially with regard to the administration of a paragraph by the director general in forensic medicine.

    And MP Salih al-Hasnawi to the importance of having a job description for the position of general manager especially with regard to forensic medicine.

    In its response to the interventions of the House of Representatives, the Committee on expressed support for the bill, stressing its willingness to study the proposals and views submitted and considered mature to modify.

    Then followed the Attorney Niazi architecture Ihsanoglu statement denounced the Turkmen subjected to systematic targeting since 2003 in various Turkmen regions, pointing to the continuation of the scientific and academic figures filtering in Kirkuk, as was the assassination of 44 people during the last period, criticizing the non-disclosure of the culprits involved the assassination of citizens Turkmen and the slowdown in edit village Bashir.

    MP architecture that Davutoglu Turkmen enjoy their legitimate rights in various fields, calling on the governor of Kirkuk urgent investigation to uncover the perpetrators of the bands in the province to protect the Turkmen.

    Read ladies and gentlemen MPs Al-Fatiha in memory of the martyrs of Iraq in general and especially the Turkmen.

    Then it decides to adjourn the meeting on Wednesday 14/10/2015.

    The information department
    Iraqi Council of Representatives

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