Communications Minister instructs activating investment

He instructed the Minister of Communications Hassan Kadhim Al-Rashed, Tuesday, activating investment and work with private sector companies working in the field of telecommunications and information technology.

According to the official spokesman for the ministry, Uday al-Saadi said in a statement received / scales News / copy of "Al-Rashed instructed during a meeting Advanced Bkadrh within the meetings of the Opinion 84 series, to speed up the activation of investment role and strengthen cooperation with the private sector companies working in the field of telecommunications and information technology, and work the involvement of these companies in the projects of the ministry and its affiliated companies, both in the completed projects that need to be marketing their services or projects in progress, especially in the projects FTTH, to ensure the delivery of service to the citizen, whether voice, the Internet or other services. "

"The meeting included a discussion of the issues on the table the most important meeting of the FTTH project and force the gates of the International IGW, in addition to discussing administrative issues concerning the work of the staff Kalthad allocated to departments and sections of the ministry and new places."

He noted that "the Minister of Communications face many important things such as assigning telecommunications company to speed up investment in the project of FTTH by finding a real partner, and to provide service to the citizen, as well as work on the training of employees of the ministry companies on this great project and work to provide all the supplies that contribute to the completion of the project and increase the number of subscribers to the new service, which is a landline but new look in terms of services provided to citizens ".