Industry seeks to activate the contract with Belarus concluded before 2003 worth $ 40 million

Revealed the Ministry of Industry and Minerals, on Monday, its intention to activate a contract with the Belarusian company entered the ministry in 2003 by $ 40 million, and confirmed that the company submitted bids for the establishment of military and paramilitary and production of electrical transformers communications equipment project. The Minister of Industry and Minerals Mohammed Darraji in a statement received (range Press), a copy of it, that "one of the ministry's companies entered into a contract with the State of Belarus in 2003 to supply military communications equipment worth 40 million dollars," noting that "the company has opened depending $ 5 million at the time when a Lebanese banks. "

Darraji said that "the Ministry informed through the Permanent Mission of Iraq diplomacy with the Belarusian side, the company is the existence of the contract and the possibility of working on the activation and overcome the difficulties that may occur, through the reconstruction of the company and the provision of factories and required under the rules of procedure have to meet the country's needs by taking advantage of the amount of the contract who has done so far.

"Darraji revealed that" the company Belarusian provided new projects, including the establishment of military and paramilitary communications equipment project, and a project to produce lamps with low-lying power circuits and the role, and create a project for the production of electrical transformers normal and the block for the existence of a scientific base and cadre trained in this field type "asserting that" these projects are awarded on the economic feasibility ".

Ministry of Industry and Minerals announced, on the first Sunday, all taken several actions to follow the money paid for the mic decades before the fall of the former regime in 2003, as pointed out the possibility of those contracts for the benefit of body defense industry. It is noteworthy that Iraq suffers the problem of military manufacturing companies, founded by the former regime to secure the side of the needs of the armed forces, but the UN resolutions and the orientation of the new state, led to the liquidation of the majority of those companies or transfer of activity to civilian areas.