Oil Minister: the need to be built next year's budget on the basis of incorrect

​{Baghdad: Euphrates News} Oil Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, the need to ensure that next year's budget buildings be correct, as well as its information and numbers. Said Abdul-Mahdi said in a statement {Euphrates News} received a copy of it today, "some sites published a draft budget for 2016; because the budget is a serious and sensitive depend on a lot of economic activity; therefore care must be taken to be its premises are true, as well as its information and numbers."

He added "We all know the great effort of the brothers and sisters in the Ministry of Finance for the preparation of the budget .. which must be congratulated him especially presented in the month of October, also calls for" financial management law "; so that approval before the end of the year."

He continued, "Vemoazinh 2014 did not acknowledge basically Because of the differences in the House of Representatives so it remained the country in the wind, with respect to the financial exchange, and caused significant financial mess pay and pay everybody for it, but that usually delays both of Finance or the Ministry Council, or the House of Representatives, has been the norm over the past years, the natural result of the delay continued financial units for disbursement according to the base 1 to 12 from the previous year expenses, with all the damaging consequences and confusion in the implementation of projects that will not be available with sufficient time for the announcement and end all instructions and controls requirements of the services and oversight, what is happening in turn deficit and failure for the completion of projects that will provide services to citizens, and encourages a lot to commit mistakes and decisions is correct, a so-called rightly or wrongly charges of corruption and waste of public money.

​"He will leave the budget discussion orientations offered to place another chance, but we will discuss the wrong information in the lines first to the draft law, and should it came inadvertently, remember draft that "the price per barrel was planned for 2015 is $ 56, has not been achieved .. The crude oil production source 3,300 thousand barrels per day, while did not get into this production .. Valhq first true with respect to price .. The second part on exports, It is wrong and must be corrected.

He explained, "As everyone knows that the budget in 2015 was built on exports based on 2750 thousand barrels per day from the southern ports and 550 000 barrels per day of Kirkuk and the region, a total of 3,300 thousand barrels per day, and the fact that this rate has been achieved, but check more of it. It has reached annual exports from the southern ports until 2764 10/10/2015 rate thousand barrels / day .. and that Iraq issued since June 2015 over 3000 thousand barrels per day from the southern ports only.

"And that" if the case continued until the end of the year as is expected, exports from Iraq's southern ports may exceed 2900 thousand barrels / day on average per year, more than estimated in the budget average .. with reference to the annual rate of production of Iraq from the sources that feed the southern ports has risen to more than 3,500 thousand barrels per day, It is going on today around 3,800 thousand barrels per day .. Were it not for domestic consumption and to provide the Ministry of Electricity crude oil among other energy sources rates increased export rates also .. We believe that the Ministry of Finance should be calculated these quantities one way or another; it represents a boost double .. it hand allocated to electricity and other institutions allocations of energy in their budgets, on the other hand, bears the oil These costs {free}, as evidenced by trillions of dinars accumulated and that have not paid to this day.

"He noted that" either with respect to Kurdistan, what issued since the beginning of the year and up to 5/10 / 2015 is 503 thousand barrels per day .. and exports rose in the last two months for more than 600 000 barrels per day, if the referee awarded the rest of the year, the annual rate also will exceed 550 000 barrels / day.

"" The export estimate for 3300 thousand barrels / day for the year 2015 has been achieved, it has been surpassed the required forms to explain it is not in the volume of exports, but also in the delivery of the province's "Sumo" required quantities .. and here also believe that the budget law may establish a mechanism to deal with that, at least from the accounting and financial aspect .. In case of breach from any party, the shortfall is deducted from the oil or of the 17% .. and already was paid to the province in proportion and deliver the province's "Sumo" .. and it is not recorded in the budget deducted from the province expenses, and supposed to be equivalent to those of that. "