The Secretariat of the Central Bank of looking initiative on the loan (6) trillion dinars for projects


(Independent) .. total quality management and institutional development systems department in the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers meeting to discuss the Iraqi Central Bank on the initiative of (private funding) loan project (6) trillion dinars small, medium and large projects.

And the Quality Management Department said that the project aims to revive the economic cycle of the country through the loan amount (one trillion dinars) prompt small and medium-sized enterprises, and the loan amount (five trillion dinars) prompt large projects.

He added that the management of these loans process between banks and borrowers are made through the simplification of procedures project launched by the Iraqi government through an integrated electronic system contains special forms controls the data traffic and become closer authenticity. He explained that each of the Industrial Bank, and Agricultural, and Iraq has its own form, and the circle of loans for small, medium, and large will proceed in accordance with the conditions and criteria set by the Central Bank of Iraq.

He pointed Quality Section in the Secretariat that will be responsible for training the staff of private banks, borrowers and the government on the data entry and verification of information electronically system.

The meeting was attended by the consultant to total quality management and institutional development team with automation and simplification of procedures with representatives of the Iraqi Central Bank, and the Association of private banks, and sectoral committees, and representatives of the civil and government banks. (End)