Jordanian judiciary issued an arrest warrant for Saad al-Bazzaz

Follow-up to the balance of T. News - Jordan's state prosecutor in Amman Rami Tarawneh issued an arrest warrant for the owner of the eastern Iraqi media channel Saad al-Bazzaz, both inside Jordan or at the border upon entering the country.

According to the documents reported by news sites, the "it issued Tarawneh in 22 of the month of September to the arrest of British nationality holder Saad al-Bazzaz and the owner of British passport No. 0099065460 after the prosecutor asked the Director General of the Media Commission of Jordan whether the East channel registered in the country and provide it on behalf of its owner and address .. he answered that East registered as a company in Jordan, still."

The charge "filed by the prosecutor in Amman, Saad al-Bazzaz in an arrest warrant is a misdemeanor" slander, libel and slander, threats and breach of the audio-visual media, and an arrest warrant against al-Bazzaz inside Jordan or at the border outlets when he tried to enter the country."

The ordered "the arrest of al-Bazzaz after directing the Eastern channel owned radio Bazzaz insults and false information on the Sheikh Jamal al-Janabi and try to blackmail him and ask him which huge amounts of money in exchange for not attacking."

Reports indicate that "al-Bazzaz, who was an adviser in the media to Uday Saddam Hussein known operations blackmail Iraqi politicians and performances not to attack them in exchange for a lot of money demanded of them in the operations of cheap blackmail have been in earlier times disclose the details of which blocks the scandals noses" .anthy 29 / d 25