Parliamentary Finance: foreign loans amounting to 80 billion pledged by Dolar..omoisntna

Special - scales News - Rapporteur stressed the parliamentary finance committee Ahmed Hama, Tuesday, Foreign loans are deferred tax on Iraq, which is unnecessary and $ 80 billion, stressing the need to go to rely on different sectors to increase Iraq's revenues.

He said Hama's / scales News / "The foreign loans are deferred tax which is unnecessary and $ 80 billion. This means that almost Iraq's budget 80% and pledged loans," stressing that "the installments of the loan and interest incurred by him is an impediment to economic development."

He said the parliamentary Finance Committee decision that "We have to go to different sectors to increase state revenues, including the agricultural, tourism and industrial sector and extractive industries and replacement industries to convert these pieces may be responsive or slow," stressing that "fast religious tourism sector response and followed by the agricultural and industrial sector because Iraq can not at the present time the regional competition and industrialized countries and therefore the latter does not give up Eradadt quick response."

He explained flesh that "extractive industries that are of interest to Iraq for the first phase is an impediment to the country because it depends on a single revenue source and thus oriented manufacturing through extractive industries would be an incentive for Iraq to progress and development because a barrel of oil sold for $ 50 would be about $ 1,200 when turns to manufacturing industries."

The "parliamentary finance committee member Masood Haider Rustam confirmed, earlier, that his committee discussed with the Finance Minister, Hoshyar Zebari, Iraq's internal and external loans and the budget next year," likely delays "Send the budget as scheduled."

It is worth mentioning that the "economic adviser to the prime minister appearance of Mohammed Saleh revealed, earlier, for" the approval of the International Monetary Fund in principle, to lend to Iraq amount of $ 833 million ", stressing at the same time," the continuation of intergovernmental consultations to fill the current year budget deficit of 25 trillion dinars, ".anthy 29/4 e