An expert called on the Government to stop the recruitment of 5 to 7 years

Baghdad, Hazem Shahid

He said the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, Advisor to the Prime Minister that the Iraqi Government operated under an agreement with the World Bank to complete the social security system.

While he stressed that the project would go to government posts, called an economist to stop Government recruitment of 5 to 7 years and urged the Government to resort to the method of transport companies that have surplus to deficit.

The appearance of Mohammed Saleh said in an interview to "range" the labour market in Iraq is homogeneous and undefined, revealing the work of Government in agreement with the World Bank to complete social security system which was implemented in 2017.

Saleh said that "the new system depends on three conditions, namely ensuring retirement private sector through coverage of employees by paying pensions and arrests represent the General retirement fund as well as on social welfare, in addition to creating an independent and attractive market for corporate system".

Saleh said that the labour market in order to be successful it must contain real companies system in the private sector and the provision of security for persons employed and learn the market and fill vacancies through operating centres that must be available in various provinces and districts, among the labour market will create employment centres for business and job registration, and provides guarantees in the private sector will decrease go to governmental functions in particular that the new salary scale but seductive and there is no staff are paid a huge As is the case in the past.

Saleh said that the Iraq unemployment rate now up to two places decimal places 16 percent even though the number of civil servants is about four and a half million, and that salaries constitute 32 percent of total government expenditure.
For his part, suggested Economist Dr. maytham Al-laibi that would be a decision to stop the recruitment of 5 to 7 years, except for some functions that are indispensable.

Winfred called the "range" of the State to resort to the method of transport companies that have surplus to deficit-ridden institutions, including institutions of MIC, and self-financing reluctant, and surplus protections to other institutions, as well as a chapter on government service "to both demonstrate his shortcomings, both senior leaders or ordinary employees who decline their productivity, and do not perform a real service".
Winfred stressed "the need to establish a civil service Board that one of the functions of the Chairperson, the study of problems of employment which was under previous Governments, the recommendations are binding, and build a new recruitment policy based on competence and specialization".