Barzani sack four ministers

Twilight News / official spokesman said the Prime Minister of Kurdistan Region of Iraq isolate four of his ministers amid mounting political crisis that threatens to destabilize the region, which enjoys relative peace.

Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani and also serves as Vice Chairman of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, which accuses Goran- Altgier- party of fomenting violence in the recent period, which left five dead.

Barzani met with the ministers of religious endowments, financial and trade affairs and the affairs of the peshmerga, all of the change.

Said Sven Dizayee, spokesman for the territorial Government to Reuters, "the prime minister .. asked them to leave the office. This action is intended primarily to contain the situation."

Dizayee said that Barzani will be entrusted to the current members of their ministries to occupy vacant positions for a temporary stage