State employees and retirees waiting for redress 10/12/2015
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Thread: State employees and retirees waiting for redress 10/12/2015

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    State employees and retirees waiting for redress 10/12/2015

    State employees and retirees waiting for redress

    - In the news that the Iraqi government is currently working on a new payroll uniformly for all state employees, and it is hoped that the new table will address all the shortcomings of the previous legislation, which regrettably omitted all of the principles of justice and equality among the so-called retirees veterans and their peers of new retirees who have the same qualifications with respect to certification, job title and length of service.

    Old Valmottagatn calculated their pensions on the last salary Astelmoh basis before retirement even if it is more than twenty years ago when it was the employees' salaries much lower than it is now, while the new pensions are calculated on the basis of their peers salaries ongoing currently in service, despite the fact that Inflation rates are very high commodity prices do not differentiate course between retired Old and New nor the families of both groups of retirees requirements differ in anything as is well known.

    In order to address the imbalances and deficiencies must consider the following points when drafting the new salary scale in order to verify the equality of all categories staff by and all retirees categories from the other side and that one, nor should it be limited to achieving justice among employees continued in service only omission differences outrageous between old and new retirees and that in fairness and justice as God hurry and application of the spirit of the Constitution which stipulates that the Iraqis equal in rights and duties and an affirmation of the principle of equal opportunities for citizens.

    First, should the equality of all retirees who hold the same qualifications in terms of certification and job title, length of service, regardless of their date of retirement of and be calculating the pension on the basis of the current salary for the spouse who is still going on service, and not on the basis of the salary he was receiving retired when to retire as is currently the case in the unified pension law which is actually not a uniform law because it does not equal in terms of salary between pensioners who retired before 2003, and their peers who retired after 2003!

    For example, the retired who retired before 2003 received a salary much less than the salary of a spouse who retired after 2003 despite the two have a certificate, job title and duration of the service itself and live under the shadow of the high Asarasala and high levels of inflation itself that link salary consort retired salary is very necessary because the salary is constantly changing depending on changing levels of inflation are also depending on the availability of resources in the country. But it is not fair to soothe old pensions permanently, while their peers salaries of employees and retirees neo constantly improving.

    Second, also concentrated talk about the need to lift the owners of the lower rungs of the staff and the salaries of retirees and those are legitimate and must be the question, but you should not overlook the importance of maintaining the differences in salaries among employees who have high qualifications and those who have modest qualifications such as certification and experience, job title, because if this is what happened will eliminate all incentives for citizens who are making enormous efforts to get the highest certification and expertise.

    For example, it may not be revoked distance in salaries between employees in the first class of the career ladder and another in the tenth grade because the qualifications of each of them radically different from the other, and of course, must take into account this fundamental point when preparing the new salary scale in order to continue the existence of incentives for citizens to continue their education and Grandpa and perseverance to serve the dear homeland.

    All this makes it imperative to adopt the principle of justice, not equality at the new table legislation for salaries in order to preserve both his right and in order to encourage hard-working citizens to continue their hard work and stimulates others from the lower grades to continue their education even catch their brethren of the staff who have in their careers as a result of their perseverance and their investigation the highest echelons Scientific that benefit the whole country.

    If justice that should prevail and not gender categories of staff and the pensioners who have different qualifications categories, but equality is required between staff groups and groups of retirees who hold qualifications the same regardless of the date of retirement.

    Third, the emphasis on reducing the differences in salaries between the staff of the owners of special grades of staff and others is welcome to reduce the differences between employees and achieve justice.

    But this same spiritual must also apply this principle to pensioners to cancel the differences between the retired old and new retirees from the same qualifications campaign if we want to apply the spirit of the Constitution to achieve the principles of equality and equal opportunities as equal citizens in the functional and scientific qualifications as is the case all over the world.

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