Years of Maliki and the Islamic party and 3 members of the manat Arshad Salhi allied against the Tehran candidate Amin published
Date: Monday, 12-10-15 04:09 pm

While mp Musli Rahman will resort to announce he is in a trance and house building idyllically in Baghdad
Novell beats alaakob as Governor's after meeting a number of members of the provincial Council in the village of Alqosh Christianity and the protection forces of the Kurdish was Merka aconite colleague Mohammed Al-karbouli yards of him laughing wholeheartedly, it confirms that the new conservative (Rabena) in reference to the mass (solution), headed by his brother, controversial businessman Jamal karboli.
According to information that pertains to the supporters in Tehran the victory in Nineveh Governor alaakob the culmination of efforts by a number of lawmakers affiliated with former Prime Minister known as (Maliki) with members of the provincial Council and especially of the Islamic party and members of the Turkmen mp Arshad al-Salihi, charged in and outside the province to allocate bonuses for each viewer to elect Amin deployment is backed by former Governor atheel Al-nujaifi.

According to published media activist jonette, known for his support of the Basra provincial Council members who voted to elect Novell alaakob 20 out of 39 members constitute the Board received $ 200,000 each for their vote to elect alaakob and exclude the publication, without specifying who paid that money.

Based on the Qush meeting devoted to the election of the Governor's three members of the Turkmen (men and women) sewn election Nofal alaakob after the temptations presented them Turkmen front Chairman Arshad al-Salihi, who left block (unite) recently after disagreements with its President Osama Al-nujaifi, although three were active supporters of the Al-shammari also says a few hours before the vote.