Recover 5 billion dinars during the current year 10/12/2015
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Thread: Recover 5 billion dinars during the current year 10/12/2015

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    Recover 5 billion dinars during the current year 10/12/2015

    Recover 5 billion dinars during the current year

    BAGHDAD - Haider virgins - Inspector General of the Ministry of Health rights activist Ahmed Rahim al-Saadi announced the recovery of five billion dinars during the current year.

    This came during a celebration organized by the Office on the occasion of the week of integrity on Sunday under the Integrity future and peace slogan.

    He said al-Saadi on the sidelines of the ceremony »Sabah» that Angels Office working to keep the public money, accounted for more than 650 investigative committee for various issues including corruption and embezzlement during the current year, as it has been from which to recover 5 billion dinars to the state treasury, as well as the assignment of 70 issue of the Integrity Commission and judicial authorities.

    He said the current term experiencing legal and judicial action to recover additional money by including negligence in the maintenance of public money, as well as the assignment of corruption in the form of integrity issues to take legal action against them.

    And on the assault of the long number of doctors recently between al-Saadi said recent period witnessed a conference tribal in Qaimmqamah Sadr City resulted in the signing of a code of honor not to attack doctors by bodyguards of patients who die and are criminalize the aggressor legally and tribal.

    He said the ministry detained the three cases in Kadhimiya Hospital and Imam Ali attacked the doctors was raised a lawsuit against them by the ministry in order to prevent embarrassment The doctor and his threat, stressing that the ministry reserves the right to assaulting a staff of doctors, pointing out that any citizen feels that the medical personnel at any hospital caused the death of one of his relatives what it is, but to go to the Office of the Inspector General to submit a request to the Office to form an investigation committee to uncover the cause of death .

    He noted that the ministry does not tolerate any medical error lose human life and hold accountable any doctor prove negligence or negligence whatever the office.

    For its part, indicated Minister of Health Dr. Adela Hammoud that week integrity, which concluded yesterday, aims to promote a culture of integrity and increase awareness employee in how to keep the money, in line with the reforms launched by the Prime Minister, Dr. Haider al-Abadi.

    She stressed that terrorism and corruption are two sides of the same coin are working to sabotage the country's economy, indicating that the ministry and the Office of the Inspector General in coordination with the Office of Financial Supervision and committees of health and integrity Alniabaten formed cell to purge the health institution of corruption.

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