Kuwait is discussing with Iraq to import gas

Chief Executive Officer of Kuwait Petroleum Corporation Nizar Al-Adsani government on Monday said that the institution conducting preliminary negotiations with Iran and Iraq to import gas. Adsani said in remarks to reporters on the sidelines of an oil conference in Kuwait City "speak with officials in Iraq and Iran to import gas, the subject has become a long time and we still need to seek his State of the gas for power plants."

"Until now we did not agree on the quantities and prices are talking about the principle." The news has been reported in 23 of January 2015 for the first understanding between Kuwait and Iraq to import gas from Iraq, that is the formation of a joint technical team to discuss the size of the quantities and prices and have huge export through a pipeline linking the two countries.
He pointed out that the sources of Kuwait import gas from Iraq would be less expensive than the import followed through with currently shipping companies [Shell] and [BP] and [Qatar Gas]. The sources suggested that the exploitation of oil pipeline link between Iraq and Kuwait after the implementation of the maintenance of the line, especially as the line was created decades ago and did not take advantage of the former regime since the invasion of Kuwait in the early nineties of the century Almadi.