Parliamentary Integrity: Slow Commission investigations and field formed a committee to follow-up

Chairman of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee, said that the investigation of the Integrity Commission in slow corruption files.
And between Talal Zobaie he told all of Iraq [where], "The Integrity Committee, the Committee for monitoring and follow-up of the performance of the work of the Integrity Commission, and formed a committee of the House of Representatives to follow the ministries of electricity and trade files, and the secretariat of Baghdad." He added that "the House of Representatives are studying these files fully in order to take the case real dimension and withdraw the real results of, not media. "He explained Zobaie" There is no pressure exerted on the Integrity Commission in order not to be spoilers, but there are slower in their work and in the investigations, the Commission therefore considers the formation of a field of a committee by its members to follow up on this issue and what are the reasons for delay Announcement of these results. "The head of the Integrity Commission and the agency Hassan al-Yassiri said in the first of October this that the Commission will announce the results described as" serious and big "about the corruption of files in the ministries of electricity, trade and the secretariat of Baghdad.
The representative of the reference in Karbala, Sheikh Abdel Mahdi al-Karbalai student in his Friday sermon, "the Integrity Commission not to delay too long to disclose senior defendants file corruption and forwarded to the judiciary, and the judiciary to be strong and not Adahn not favoring one is not subject to any pressure from any party whatever."
revealed a source familiar with, on Sunday, The head of the Integrity Commission [agency] Hassan al-Yassiri plans Monday [today] revealed the largest and most dangerous files of corruption, during his visit to Karbala, where he will hold a press conference in one of the threshold Hosseinieh halls, to announce the results of an investigation files of serious corruption and large in the ministries of electricity, trade and Secretariat Bgdad.