Iranian official Kubi: always committed to helping Iraq and strongly oppose the split

The Chairperson of the Committee on National Security and Foreign Policy in the Islamic Shura Council in Iran Alaeddin Boroujerdi said that his country "always committed to helping Iraq and that it supports the unity of Iraqi territory and strongly opposes the division of this country." Confirmed Boroujerdi in a meeting Sunday of the Special Representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations in Iraq, Jan کobیh "the importance and the need to maintain unity and cohesion among all political groups, national and religious in Iraq to restore stability and security to this country."
Boroujerdi strongly criticized the lack of seriousness Amیrکa and its European allies and regional counter-terrorism and extremism in the region and said that "the division of terror terrorizing a good and bad and use it tactically and provide financial assistance and military vehicles, mistakes Alamیrکیh strategy in Syria, which was the main reason in the creation of the current conditions in this country." He said the Iranian official to political reforms and the recent economic in Iraq and said : As in past years, the role of religious authority in Iraq vital in helping to carry out reforms in this country. "He stressed Boroujerdi that" the effort to bring stability and security sustained in Iraq is the most important action you should care about the international Almjmta.
"For his part, praised the envoy internationalist in Iraq, Jan Kubis "aid Iran to rebuild Iraq and bring peace and security in this country," adding that "political reforms and economic action is pending in Iraq and Iran's continued support for Iraq especially in the economic field and the transfer of experiences political to this country is very important."
confirmed کobیh the importance of maintaining unity between the people and officials in Iraq in the current circumstances and said that "the fight against terrorism and restore peace and security to Iraq need to unit all political and social groups in this country," .