Parliamentary Integrity: Cancel the administrative investigation and relying on neutral experts the most prominent proposals to reform the judiciary
Date: 10/12/2015 15:29

The head of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee Talal Zobaie, Monday, the committee submitted proposals for the reform of the Iraqi judiciary and how to take action on the resolution of corruption cases.

Zobaie said at a news conference attended by agency / information / "In order to resolve the issues of corruption and shorten the time, there is a need to abolish the administrative investigation stage which is made by the concerned government authorities and relevant."

The Zobaie, the need to "neutral secondment of specialists and experts in the technical and financial aspects by the competent court to determine the direct and matching irregularities in the activities of government institutions."
He added that, "We must adopt the BSA reports on the activities of the state and other government reports, which are considered probative evidence confirms commit financial and technical irregularities".

He said he "must specify a time limit total and detailed acceptable to resolve cases referred to the judiciary," noting "the importance of selecting judges are characterized by full independence, competence and expertise, honesty and courage in the competent court to investigate the integrity issues, and a free hand in issuing indictments without compromise or favor."

He pointed to "the need to focus on the court only subject, without any other considerations for adjudication within a specific timeframe."
He stressed the importance of "activating the role of public prosecutors to resolve cases referred to the courts of the investigation and forwarded to the competent court, in order to adjust the performance of the courts under the law within the time limit specified" .anthy 25 K.