Chairman of the Parliament of Kurdistan: there is an attempt to occupy Erbil and the elimination of the legitimacy of Parliament

Alsumaria News / Sulaymaniyah
The president of the regional parliament of Kurdistan Yusuf Mohamed, Monday, that the decision to prevent the entry of Irbil occupation of the capital of Kurdistan and the elimination of the legitimacy of the parliament, calling the wise men in the political parties in the region to Halhh political, economic and security crises worsening in the region. He said Mohammed in a press conference held in Sulaymaniyah and attended by Alsumaria News that "a private in one of the checkpoints prevented us from entering the city of Arbil, capital of the Kurdistan region of strength," noting that "prevent us means the occupation of the city of Erbil and the occupation of the legal legitimacy of the Parliament of the Kurdistan region."
He said Muhammad that he "can not impede the work of Parliament to address the crisis faced by the Kurdistan region," and expressed hope that "the occupation and fails Parliament continue in the performance of its functions". He said Muhammad that "the solution to the end of the mandate of the President of the Kurdistan region and the loss of legitimacy of this important institution in the region crisis not be to prevent the parliament from performing his duties, "calling the wise men in all political parties in the Kurdistan region to" make efforts to Halhh political, economic and security crises worsening in the region. "According to the means of Kurdish flags, earlier on Monday, the President of the Kurdistan Regional Parliament Joseph Muhammad denied entry to Erbil, from Brady port south of the province. saw Sulaimaniyah province during the past few days several demonstrations and unrest have resulted in acts of violence and burning of buildings of political parties, where demonstrators in Harzor area east of Sulaimaniya, lowered flags partisan of the buildings headquarters of five Kurdistan parties , while underlining that the decision to take down the flags came to resentment of protesters from a position of those parties the direction of the lack of response to their demands. paign=magnet&utm_source=magnet_article_page&utm_medium=entity_name