Sabri: pay $ 45 billion a year for the staff flabby and ambition to deal with economy
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Thread: Sabri: pay $ 45 billion a year for the staff flabby and ambition to deal with economy

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    Sabri: pay $ 45 billion a year for the staff flabby and ambition to deal with economy

    Sabri: pay $ 45 billion a year for the staff "flabby" .. and "ambition" to deal with the economy

    The spokesman for the Office of the Prime Minister Saad al-Hadithi, on Monday, that the government paid $ 45 billion a year for the salaries of the staff, most of whom cadre "flabby" and retirees and networks of social welfare's seven million ", referring to the development of a long-term strategic program to address the lack of funds and economic crisis.

    The newborn's / scales News / that "what 2016 budget still is a draft and not the law is too early to talk in which the final figures and the proportion of speculative in which the deficit," pointing out that "there are specialized committees in the Council of Ministers taking place modifications are discussed next Mam". He said a spokesman for Prime Minister's Office that "with respect to the government's efforts to tackle the financial distress that constitute a big problem and the burden of the state as a result of the management effort of combat and weaponry, as well as the salaries of employees and retirees and networks of social welfare and corporate self-totaling 7 million and networks of social care funding," noting that "the government is committed to toward those broad slide and pay $ 45 billion a year to them making the most of the resources go for operating expenses and moving away from investment.

    To address that problem, Sabri said that "in light of the drop in oil prices and the lack of normalization Mchalk customs tariff and sales tax the government resorted to prepare the" ambitious "long-term program to address the crisis through strategies are subject to the standards and regulations by specialists."

    It is said that "a member of the economic and investment commission parliamentary Najiba Najib confirmed that the state is obliged to external borrowing valuable under military commitments to fight al Daash terrorist and also the increasing numbers of displaced people, in addition to the salaries of employees take a significant amount in the budget", as pointed out that "Iraq's economy It lacks a lot of sound economic foundations upon which the economy of other countries."

    The "representative of the supreme religious authority, Sheikh Abdul Mahdi al-Karbalai has stressed, earlier, during the Friday sermon la carte Husseini al-Sharif, the need for economic and development of new procedures within the clear prospect to address the crisis faced by the country", as warned "of external borrowing and the magnitude of future harms ", called for" the involvement of citizens and experts in addressing the economic crisis".

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