Hakeem stressed the legislative reform and intensifying efforts for the adoption of important laws

The President stressed the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq Ammar al-Hakim to legislative reform through legislation task, blaming the House responsible for adopting and enacting laws that contribute to moving the reform. According to a statement by the Supreme Council that came through the receiver Hakeem Deputy Mehdi Al-Hafez. Mr. Hakeem that is part of the reforms depends on solid representatives of the Iraqi people and not the Government alone. " "The reform is expected to House a lot especially the Federal Court Act which underpins judicial reform as demanded by religious authority and the public", adding that "there are laws having to do with the daily citizen expects the House legislation as federal service law on employment that will make young people maintain their land", urging the House to "official meetings and the meetings of its committees discussion important laws a top priority." He noted the importance of economic laws that contribute to easing the burden of the financial crisis, especially in light of lower oil prices as the investment law, calling for the involvement of the elites in discussions about the financial crisis of vision and essential handlers. On the other hand, Hakeem called deputies to intensify its efforts for the adoption of important laws part concerning State structure as the Federal Court Act and the other dealing with the economic and social crisis as investment law. The Council said in a statement that "this came during a meeting with visiting Deputy Chief of the block behind the Samad call in house library in Baghdad Sunday, Al-Hakeem during the meeting to support the reforms which have serious and radical inclusivity and balance and conformity with the law and the Constitution, to make the reforms a model nationally agreed upon everyone to build a home on a clear vision and plans, indicating that the reform in question the largest legislative reform built Executive and judicial reform. He urged deputies to intensify his efforts to pass laws important part concerning State structure as the Federal Court Act and the other dealing with the economic and social crisis as investment law, calling on the Government to listen to the elites and putting economic wizards capable of promoting the country's economic potential without dependence on oil and to end the phenomenon of the Rentier State.