Medhat Al Mahmood: Federal Court almost complete-baghdadia news.

The Chairman of the Supreme Judicial Council, Medhat Al-Mahmoud, said Monday that the time for the President and members of the Federal Court is nearing completion, with clearly identified 12 years time ceiling in new Court, stressed that the work of laikhloa shrubs.
Said Mahmood during business Symposium chaired nahrain Center for strategic studies, in collaboration with the Federal judiciary to discuss judicial development paper, involving several judges and officials and elites and competencies, "we started to rewrite the law of the Federal Supreme Court and our apprehension that its members and its President must change with the lapse of a certain period even regenerate ideas provided that does not interrupt its background to this Tribunal constituted for the first time in the history of Iraq and to consider the constitutionality of legislation and the actions of the Executive and legislative branches".
Between Mahmood the "time for the President and members of the court life was like other constitutional courts as in the United States, for example, ".

He said "we raised in the new law to reduce the duration and reached 12-year ceiling, it is nearly the end for our Tribunal, even give space for new ideas and new people to take over and left the question of choice".
He said "it is true that the work of the Court that is not free from political aspects but should not stray from the judicial conduct".
Welcome underlined that "opinions say the members should be chosen and the President of the legislature, and the other considers to be an important check on executive power".
But he noted that "the judicial opinion so don't get into mazes and other quotas, it should remain the subject of trading with the legislature and the Executive, and so the Bill which we hope to begin soon".
Mahmood said it "remained before the Court achieve specialized claims integrity in Baghdad only 151 investigative reference, either in the Assize of integrity in Baghdad districts where the density of violating the law and corruption, only 51 issue only, and this figure from an earlier book it over a month".
He said "not only sentencing, our recovery files, Mr. Chief Prosecutor more than 1000 file recovery and sent in cooperation with the Interior and foreign ministries to Interpol".
He said the "integrity Commission has 2000 employees and 200, mission investigator uncover cases of corruption, the judge cannot come out Chambers contract requests to consider her defect, the task of flood bodies".
He said the "Central investigating Court specialized in these cases considered was the issue resolved while completed Central Criminal 4333 during this year, with the assumption that each question 3 suspects".
Judge Medhat Al Mahmoud drew attention to the "total work done by the courts in cases involving detainees reached 110094 filed within eight months of the current year".

He added, "was punished during the past three years, 107 judges perhaps warning penalty for error or behavior, and eight judges we foreclose and exclusion not only after a fair trial provided all defence and their rulers 3 senior judges and a Prosecutor before them and then stabbed a discriminatory distinction ratified decisions then wrote to the President of the Republic to issue decrees and did not move and we spread any name".
He said that "mostly in the arena of sit-ins came up with banners, but won't mention names these are inconsistent with judicial conduct from which to draw our strength", adding that "recognition of the defect is not a flaw, but stood and faced any consulting".
He also said "we asked heads of appeals to meet the elite of demonstrators, to say what they have from the judiciary, and to records, 90% of which particular problems except for activating the role of the public prosecutor".