Wasit: adopt transparent integrity issues and how to deal with informants

Wasit / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) - The local government has adopted and offices of inspectors general in Wasit province, transparent disclosure of integrity issues, and how to deal with informers on cases of corruption in government institutions.

And the director of the Integrity Commission in the province Riad Nahi's (IMN) that "the Directorate now dealing with issues Alakhbarat corruption round investigative mechanism, through the establishment of field committees direct to investigate the issues that come to the Directorate," pointing out that "the Commission is serious process deployment of state of consciousness between staff on integrity and educate citizens to cast Balakhbarat against cases of corruption that they face."

The deputy governor of Wasit just Hamidi told (IMN) said that "there are many sort of problem hinder our executive, especially after the supreme religious authority calls for the adoption of the deployment of integrity and punish the corrupt authorities and eliminate them."

For his part, Director of the Office of the Inspector General in the Ministry of Interior in the province's Ali Hassan (IMN) that "the integrity Today, you need to provide a state of social awareness, as well as raising awareness among the employees."

The inspector general of the Ministry of Education in the province's faith behind (IMN) "We in the Directorate Inspector arms represent operating in the province, and this is what dictates the practice of transparency about the long-term between the institutions and the community."

And announced the Integrity Commission, earlier, it is in the process of writing the draft anti-corruption law and submitted it to the House of Representatives for a vote.

The Commission also said that the commission is working to open all files of corruption regardless of their qualities and functions accused of corruption while stressing its president Hassan al-Yasiri, he said that tackling corruption is not the responsibility of the supervisory authorities it is the responsibility of everyone, starting from the ministries through the institutions of civil society and the end of the government, which raised the banner of reform and the fight against Corruption.

And began the activities of Integrity Week for the period from 05/10/2015 until 10/11/2015, under the slogan (integrity and the future of the peace).