The 5 trillion dinars will activate production process in Iraq

Special - scales News -
Iraqi Deputy Prime economists and industrialists association Bassem Jamil Anton, Monday, that the allocation of the $ 5 trillion dinars will activate the production process in Iraq.

He said Antoine L / scales News / "The Central Bank's initiative to allocate five trillion dinars to finance the sectoral banks step on the road to revitalization of the production process in the country, but this step requires tuning process and priorities of the ratio of financial mechanisms between these banks," stressing "the importance of the revitalization of the productive sector primarily on the basis that the proportion of the agricultural sector go to the productivity aspects of the food industry for its importance in achieving food security."

The Vice President of the Iraqis and industrialists Economists Association that "aspects of the allocation for the agricultural sector and crop conversion, such as canning fruits and vegetables and Industries jams, putty and dairy industries animal of poultry, fish and meat all the canned kinds of wealth and massacres factories include except animal husbandry," stressing "the importance of to be productive industries based on agricultural products, crops and livestock as raw materials for its industries and financing of mills and silos grain storage and Falbat rice and exception financing everything that went to agricultural initiative such as agricultural mechanization and sprays and animal breeding and agriculture in general."

The "Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced in 25 of last August, to take immediate action to cope with the financial crisis in Iraq, including the allocation of five trillion dinars for the revitalization of agriculture, industry and housing sectors, and encourage investment and job creation."

And warned "the Supreme religious authority in a sermon last Friday of prejudice by the corruption of these funds," indicating that "this money, if spent in the correct plans for the possible treatment of a number of important files, including the My unemployment and diversify the productive base of the country," .anthy 29/9 P