Legal representative: Parliament to vote on the direction of the Federal service

BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) - Chairman of the Parliamentary Legal Committee Mahmoud al-Hassan said that the next sessions of the House of Representatives will vote on the Federal Service Council No. 4 of 2009, which will determine the policy of appointment in the civil service and procedures.

He said al-Hassan in a statement to (IMN) that "the Federal Service Council Law No. 4 of 2009 came detailed provisions made to the authority of the Council in the appointment of public functions", noting that "if there is a Ministry of ministries or circle of circles need to functional grades or to The people that ministry or department to notify the Federal service which is based upon the recommendation grades required. "

He pointed out that the Council "will demand the deployment of all citizens and shall check those applications, and shall consider such requests appropriate standards of competence, integrity and achieve a state of balance between the extent of the Iraqi people."

"After that the issue of appointments in ministries and independent bodies and other departments."

The leader of the National Alliance MP Ali Keywords earlier, that the Commission's reform emanating from the National Alliance included the Federal service law in a paper reform as part of efforts to resolve the political crisis, pointing out that the paper stomach contains seventy item discussed existing problems now to find appropriate solutions him.

Hassan stressed that "the law gave the Council the power to the largest of the employee during the upgrade, it is not entitled to the institution or ministry employee upgrade only by the Civil Service Council which according to achieve the required conditions to issue the upgrade."

He added that "there is a committee in the Council Bojb law take control of those departments and state institutions to apply the provisions of public office and laws in force law, and if you find a violation of the notice of the institution or the ministry that this is the offense, and he was the victim the right to appeal to the judiciary bodies for their consideration."

It was the Presidency of the Council of Representatives member Hamoudi, announced on the sixth of this month for the arrival of the names of the presidency and members of the Federal service to the House by the government, upon request, he sent it to them shortly before to accelerate to send candidates to the parliament.

Hamoudi said in a statement that "the House of Representatives will vote on the candidate names during its meetings as soon as possible," stressing "the importance of approval in harmony with the government and Parliament to go public in the reform of all aspects of the administrative system."

It hopes the parliamentary blocs and political forces that the law achieves a kind of realism and real justice for appointment to public office to cancel nepotism and partisanship, sectarianism and nationalism, which took a role in the appointment and they are the foundation of years ago.

Hassan said "The Council should form and as soon as the law on the way to a vote in the coming days, and if the vote is over and it passed in the House of Representatives has no right to any official whatever that constituency appointment of any employee in the future."

He added that "the service of the Federal Law is an urgent need to balance and create some kind of public office involved in the permanent staffing of the facility with the public availability of the terms of efficiency and professionalism, integrity Mahddh according to the Constitution and laws."

The Council of Ministers to send the names of candidates for membership of the Federal service after a long wait, as the House of Representatives initiated the law in 2013.

The Federal Service Law select the terms of the Speaker and his deputy, the nine members of the Council who will be three competence of the law and three competence of administration, economy, and one member of the competence of medicine, engineering, agriculture, and the condition of them law in addition to the certificate for service of not less than ten years, according to testimony and the law requires age with 37 years and good conduct and not covered by the accountability and justice and not be judged for a crime involving moral turpitude.