Chihod calls on the international community and the government to stop dealing with Barzani family
Date: 10/12/2015 16:12

Information / BAGHDAD / ..
MP for the coalition of state law Mohammed Saadoun Chihod, Monday, the international community and the Iraqi government demanded to stop dealing with the royal family members in the Kurdistan region being lost its legitimacy because of its adherence to the chair leadership of the region.
He said Chihod told / information / that "Albaraszakh royal family is still determined to hold on to chair the leadership of the Kurdistan region despite the rejection of the Kurdish people and parties, for its survival and thus has lost its legitimacy and to the international community and the Iraqi government to stop dealing with the members of this family."

He added that "what you are doing Albaraszakh of the family hold on to power is a coup against the Iraqi constitution and the democratic system, which is built upon the political process in the country and the government should have to deal with this family in line with the articles of the Constitution."
He noted that "the international community is required more than ever to bear the Msaoyate to protect the Kurdish people from the dictatorship exercised by Albarraznah royal family and move quickly in order to stop what is happening now in the region."
It is noteworthy that demonstrations permeated throughout Kurdistan since the five days to demand the removal of Massoud Barzani of the presidential seat. Finished / 25 K