Hadithi: Government paid $ 54 billion for mostly cadre flabby
October 12, 2015

A spokesman for the Office of Prime Minister Saad Al-Hadithi, Monday, the Government paid $ 45 billion a year for staff salaries and most cadre "flabby" and retirees and social care networks of 7 million to develop a long-term strategic programme to address the shortage of funds and the economic crisis.

Hadithi said in a press statement obtained by the news agency that "our economy is still balancing 2016 is a draft and not the modern law and early on the final figures and percentage of disability assessment," pointing out that "there are specialized committees in the Council of Ministers discussed money year adjustments.

Spokesman said the Prime Minister's Office that "regarding the Government's efforts to address the financial distress pose a major problem and burden for the State as a result of the management effort and combat weapons and also the salaries of staff members and retirees and social welfare networks and self-financing companies numbering 7 million social care networks", stating that "the Government is committed to those wide range and pay $ 45 billion annually to them making the most of resources go to operating expenses and avoid investment."

To address that problem, "Hadithi stressed under low oil prices wemshalk customs tariff not normalize, sales tax, the Government set up an ambitious programme of" long-term "to address the crisis over standards and strategies are subject to controls by the specialists".