Economist: cut government spending and activating the tax system reduces the budget deficit 2016

October 12, 2015

Among the honorary Economist Mohammed that the main reason for pulling out of the Government to balance the 2016 to pressure to reduce government spending.

Honorary explained the statement singled out the "economy" today despite slight rise in global oil prices, which does not exceed the $ 50 per barrel, adding that reducing government spending will contribute to strengthening the federal budget "

The Economist said that the current budget deficit, estimated at 29 trillion dinars, the equivalent of 30 percent of the budget, not customizations solutions to avoid the unfortunate not to reduce expenditure. "maybe the expert charged $ 45 per barrel is accurate which makes us before fears of a coming oil declines, expanding the gap between barrel and estimates calculated as a criterion for budget building, calculated under the value of $ 40 for the challenges to come."

Economic expert for the Government to overcome the plight of disability by activating other resources through the tax system and activation of alcomerk goods within the country. "