Misanion preparing investment projects "up on chins" and accused "big mafia" acquired

MESAN/range press

Count misanion, citizens on Sunday, investment projects in "up on chins" did not materialize despite referred years ago, accused "mafia" significant acquisition without fear of accountability. With counting the Economist, that "failed" to improve the reality of Iraq or deal with crises, Member of the provincial Council to lay new foundations for the investment file across Iraq to bail him out of "incapacity" and ensure the earnest implementation of the projects.

He said Yahia Abbas, told the (term), "one investment projects were completed in the province, despite the large number" returned "projects through investment and sold or distributed to citizens, an April Fools or laughed on chins".
Abbas said that "successive Governments formed after the 2003 resorted to invest in a new way to steal bounties and looting, Iraq accused" mafia big acquisition investment projects without fear of accountability. "

In turn, said economist Mohammed Hussaini told (range) "investment has failed to improve the reality of Iraq or deal with crises," returned to "the majority referred to local or foreign enterprises, lacks seriousness and feasibility, including those in Maysan, as 6000 and Syed Jamil hospital, and others still just structures raises a lot of question marks, and exclamation.
Hosseini said that "Iraq has become one of the countries that rely on oil as the sole source of the economy constitutes a mistake could lead him to a dangerous and slider make it hostage to fluctuations in world prices, prompted by the need to" develop a plan to improve agricultural productivity and industrial sectors to contribute to the national economy and bail him out of its crisis ".

He said a member of the Maysan provincial Council Sarhan, the majority (range), "investment projects represent a node in Maysan," stating that it "is still off or 69 or disappointing, despite the allocation of land and facilities obtained by the companies concerned, except maybe the Turkish hotel will hopefully be accomplished during the next few months."

Majority investment body called to "follow up the projects authorized by seriously in accordance with ceilings and specifications," returned to "the investment file in Commons Iraq like disabled and needs to be considered real and new foundations that guarantee seriously."
Maysan governorate attest, architecture, City status (390 km south of Baghdad), many investment projects that have been referred to the foreign companies and the Iraqi and Arab, but did not materialize, for a variety of reasons including lack of sobriety, and weak follow-up, lack of accountability of defaulting.


rcookie: 1 Provincial Investment Project commitments out of 70…and you wonder why Iraqi's are irate…and not exactly beaming with confidence with the concept of "Investment" as a pathway to better quality of life and services!!…Fool me once….