Mahmood: Federal Court action is not without political shrubs
Date: 10/12/2015 13:26

The head of the Federal Supreme Court Judge Medhat al-Mahmoud, Monday, that the work of the court is not free from political corners, pointing out that much of the legislation need to be adjustments and changes.
He said al-Mahmoud during a speech at a seminar hosted by the two rivers for Strategic Studies Center, according to a statement of the judiciary word received by the agency / information / copy of it, "we began to rewrite the Federal Supreme Court Act and Tojsna that its members and its president must change, passage of a certain period until the renewal of ideas, provided that does not break for background because this court formed for the first time in the history of Iraq and would consider the constitutionality of the legislation and the actions of the legislative and executive branches. "

He added, that "the time set for the President and members of the court was a life like other constitutional courts, as in the United States, for example," adding, "We chose the new law to reduce duration and reached a ceiling of 12 years, which is nearing the end for our court, even give area to new ideas and new people to take over and we left the issue of choice. "
He continued, "It is true that the work of the court that he is not free from political corners, but you should not stray from the judicial conduct," pointing out that "the views says should be the selection of members and the president of the court of the legislature, and the other believes to be a check on the executive branch task ".
Mahmoud pointed out that "the judicial opinion and do not even get into the maze of quotas and others, is that the subject should remain a judicial deliberation with the legislative and executive branches, and so was the bill which we hope will begin soon."

And the head of the judiciary, "he went after this legislation to all laws related to the judicial domain, which became the new bills (the Supreme Judicial Council, Public Prosecution Service, the judicial oversight body, as well as project pleadings city law, and the judicial organization)."
Al Mahmoud stressed that "all these projects started mentality of development and keep pace with the judiciary in the developed countries, with no break with our past, which extends six thousand years ago since the obelisk of Hammurabi." Finished / 25