Arab Parliament supports reforms in Iraq

BAGHDAD - morning announced the MP for the rule of law, Abbas al-Bayati, said the Arab Parliament supports the reforms of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, as well as the condemnation of the recent bombings, which affected the cities of Iraq. Bayati said in a press statement received «morning» copy of it: The «Arab Parliament praised reforms Abadi and its response to corruption and the restructuring of state institutions and the pursuit of good governance »as well as« denouncing at the same time the latest bombings, which affected the pure and Zubair cities and other areas ».

He pointed out al-Bayati, said the Arab Parliament, counting those explosions, terrorist acts, aimed at stirring sedition and discrimination of national unity. He called on the Arab Parliament, at the end of its meetings, held recently in Tunisia, to stand by Iraq to overcome the difficult phase of its history and to assist him and cooperate with him in the liberation of its territory from «Daash» terrorist and re-displaced people. The statement, that Parliament Arab underscores the importance of moving in the national reconciliation project and strengthen the partnership and to reject any interference in internal Iraqi affairs and respect for its sovereignty and independence. The Arab Parliament, holding its meetings in the Tunisian capital for the period from the fourth to the ninth of October, in order to review the Arab security challenges and address the political and security situation.