Abadi KRG calls to keep calm and avoid resorting to "force"

​BAGHDAD / .. called on Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, Sunday, the political forces in the Kurdistan region to preserve their security, stability and calm, stressing the need to avoid resorting to "force". Ebadi said Office in a statement received "eye Iraq News," of it, that the prime minister "calls for the Kurdistan Regional Government and all political forces in the region to make the utmost effort in order to maintain security and stability and calm and resolve problems through constitutional and legal methods of dialogue and to avoid resorting to force." . He Abadi, according to the statement, expressed "deep regret for the victims and the occurrence of violence during the demonstrations in the region and beyond", calling for "respect the right to demonstrate peacefully and to protect the demonstrators and the security of citizens and their property and public property" .anthy