Change: Barzani's party is fighting for power and not for the livelihood of citizens

​Accused the movement of Kurdish change, Sunday, the Kurdistan Democratic Party "to battle" in order to chair the presidency of the region and the power and not for profiteers citizens, as described the language of the Political Bureau of the Party "bearish level" of dialogue, stressed that the demonstrations "a reflection of the situation is normal" to the problems of citizens and not pre-planned conspiracy. The MDC said in a statement, said that "the current Kurdistan Democratic Party war is to chair the presidency of the region and the power by the head of the party away from the law and the principles of handing over power peacefully and not for profiteers citizens and improve their lives," arguing the Democratic Party's position as a "coup against change and try to abort the political process and the root reforms and paralysis of parliament and the government, which the MDC share with other political parties. " It changes and added that "the MDC insists on the defense of the demands of the teachers, staff and other social strata", calling on the Government of the region and other parties to "make efforts for quick handling of the problems faced by the citizens."
Movement indicated that it "has been mixing the issue of presidency of the region with other problems in the community is necessary to resolve this issue in a short period and according to the law," emphasizing "the importance that deny and criminalize all forms of violence against citizens and martyrdom."

She called the Movement for Change, the political parties and government institutions to "do their homework and try to calm the situation and not to deepen the problems and increase the crises that do not serve the interests of the people," asserting that "the political bureau of the Kurdistan Democratic Party and a large number of officials and inform the party spoke the language of bearish level of dialogue and unworthy of being it. "

Also called on the movement, the Democratic Party to "return to reason and political logic away from the accusations of treason and vanity, and that plays a role in the political work within the civil democratic society," pointing out that "the Libyan unrest is not a spontaneous demonstration, and not part of the planned plot in advance, but is a reflection of the unusual situation that reflects the problems of the citizens. "

The Kurdistan Democratic Party of pregnancy, on Saturday, the MDC leader Mustafa Nushirwan responsible for the deteriorating situation in the Kurdistan region, and as he emphasized that the planners of these "excesses" will pay the "tax", he pointed out that it reserves the right to take appropriate steps to hit the chaos and "subversive plans".

The MP for the mass change Tavkh Ahmed accused, on Saturday (October 10, 2015), the Government of the province of Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), led by the region's president, Massoud Barzani not to respond to the demands of the people, as pointed out that people become a "game," but the Democratic Party.