Justice Minister signs agreement with Government of United Kingdom Exchange governed

Minister of Justice Dr. Haidar Al-zamily, agreement with the Government of the United Kingdom, particularly the exchange of prisoners between the two countries, with the exception of convicted terrorist cases. This came during a visit by the Minister to the United Kingdom in response to the invitation by the British counterpart (Andrew Selous) Minister of Justice and reform prisons, with the aim of strengthening relationships and experiences between the two countries. Mr. Minister: prisoners swap agreement signed with the British side to exclude convicts in terrorism cases, indicating the existence of an agreement providing for the development Ministry cadres in particular supervising prison administration. The Minister reviewed: during a meeting with British Minister of Justice, the role played by the Department of reform and training of Iraqi prisoners, adding that cadres of religious guidance contributes to educate prisoners and prepare them psychologically for integration into society after completion of sentence.
Mr. Minister: executives of vocational rehabilitation is also a significant role in the rehabilitation of prisoners professionally by providing jobs for prisoners after their release, noting that the cooperation of the Ministry of education to grant academic degrees are recognized can be utilized in the side job after release. In turn, the Minister of Justice and the prisons reform in United Kingdom (Andrew Selous), ready to provide necessary support in aspects of rehabilitation and training, cooperation in the various areas of work of the Ministry.