Citizens Affairs Department and Public Relations announces expansion of network assigning volunteer work and join voluntary organizations and teams of Maysan

Director General of the Department of affairs of citizens and public relations at the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers Mohammed al-Tamimi announced the expansion of "assigning volunteer work network" that had been established the end of the month of May for the purpose of coordination with civil society organizations and campaign volunteer in various orientations. Tamimi said that the department has sponsored an agreement between a number of and campaigns voluntary civil society organizations in the province of Maysan to join the network, which will be the responsibility of the department to supervise and regulate work of the network and providing logistical support for the campaigns and organizations within the network, in addition to field coordination provided by the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers operations room. He added that the network found through its work in the run-up environment appropriate coordination between these activities, and the volunteer effort contributed significantly to the monitoring and documenting social issues in order to receive government attention and rapid response requirements. It is worth mentioning that the network assigning volunteer work carried out a number of important activities, including air bridge for the relief of a modern city and deliver aid to Khalidiya town and a number of camps for displaced people also participated in coordination and support for the Festival of Baghdad Dar es Salaam.