What are the appointment controls in the federal judiciary?

Doaa Azad Provided the federal judiciary and functional 705 degrees on Mlakatha this year included several disciplines, and while confirming that the electronic submission via its, and set specific considerations for the trade-off between the applicants in application of justice, fairness and transparency. The general director of the Administrative Department of the Supreme Judicial Council happiest Zia Khamas that "the judiciary and put specific controls for applicants for appointment to grades in Mlakatha to ensure justice and fairness in the process of differentiation." He said Khamas's (Media Centre of the judiciary - JAMC) that "these controls to be the introduction through the website of the judicial authority exclusively, through an electronic form to be completed with the required information with the document graduation and determines the applicant in which the appellate region that wants appointment in it." Zia pointed out that "after the end of the period specified for submission of applications will be sorted by the Department of Information Technology in the Department of Administration and judicial guards and forwarded to the appellate areas."
He stated that "the priority in the recruitment of top rates, taking into account the years presented graduation," noting that "the largest proportion of grades will go to districts and areas to those areas need it."

Khamas and that "for the families of the martyrs and politicians covered by the law Martyrs Foundation and the victims of terrorism, 10% of the grades are available depending on the book of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers."

He pointed out that "for people with disabilities and special needs of a specific portion of this book appointments by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs also take into account that there are widows and divorcees."

He explained that "preference in the selection of applicants are usually for graduates of colleges and government followed by community colleges."

In terms of required between that "the judiciary grades this year provided 705 degrees and functional divided between law and management, psychology and engineering in addition to the printer and graduates of middle and primary school book."

He said Khamas "Due to the nature of the work of the judiciary, we need to graduates of junior high and middle school as well as the disciplines of law, so it was the largest share of grades to determine these disciplines."

For its part, Director of the Human Resources Department of the Supreme Judicial Council in the dreams of Ahmed indicated that "This is the fourth year that the judiciary depends where the electronic form to save time, effort and a guarantee of integrity."

She explained that "the screening process are choosing five applicants for each job class are competing among themselves for occupancy and preference for owners of higher rates."

Ahmed said that "the Committee will consist of 9 for all formations of the judiciary and will include representatives Madrin two-two."

And he concluded that "the application process in effect until the middle of this month and then will begin the screening process."