Political Bureau of the Party of Barzani, head of the regional parliament and ministers change to leave Arbil

Alsumaria News / Baghdad - MP for the MDC Masood Haider, Sunday, that the political bureau of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, led by regional president Massoud Barzani, told the President of the Parliament of the province Yusuf Mohamed and ministers change the government of the Kurdistan leave Arbil, while stressing that the decision was made ​​for the purpose of acquisition of power in Kurdistan by Barzani's party.

Haider said in an interview with Alsumaria News, "The political bureau of the Democratic Party told a little while ago, the President of the Parliament of the region Yusuf Mohamed, who belongs to the Movement for Change and ministers of the government of the region of movement, to leave within 48 hours of Arbil."

Haider added that "this decision comes for the purpose of acquisition of the Democratic Party to power in the Kurdistan region after the provincial government failed to solving the problems of citizens", adding that "the party exceeded the legitimacy and law in the region and will lead to aggravate the political situation in the presence of war against Daash gangs."