President of the Parliament urges the need for negligence in Diyala accounting violations and bring them to justice and not to cover up the involved

14:20:12 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

House Speaker Dr. Salim al-Jubouri, a student of local government in the province of Diyala snapped their role to maintain security and reduce the influence of armed groups in the province.

He stressed in a press statement that "the risks to some districts of the province from security breaches repeated calls from the local government and security services take caution through the development of new security plans defiance of repeated," stressing "the need to negligent accounting and bring them to justice and not to cover up the involved Whatever the party that stands behind them. "

He said President al-Jubouri, "the security services have to take a real role on the ground and working to reduce the breakdown of some of the armed groups that are threatening the social fabric of the unity of the country."

He is calling for "speed up the return of displaced people to their cities and provide all the necessary requirements of life to ensure a safe return for them and their families."

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