Deputy for power: it must be reconciliation between the blocks and turn to the facts to remove mistrust

MP for the coalition forces Talal Zobaie said, that national reconciliation must be between the political blocs to remove distrust. He said Zobaie told all of Iraq [where], that "reconciliation year perspective is to be without limitation and the condition and the obligations of the other, that is, the lifting of God forgive logo be bygones and let the past grudges and issues aimed at the social fabric of the demolition of Iraq, there must be preparations and intentions real and remove mistrust between the political blocs, which will contribute to activating the role of reconciliation fully. "" There are clans overlapping Sunni-Shiite Kurdish, not including otherwise Differences between the political blocs and are reflected on the Iraqi street, and the imbalance in the political figures and not sons of the people. " Zobaie and pointed out that "reconciliation must turn to the facts and not only meetings and statements to media, what is needed today from everyone that works real," pointing out that "the political process is at risk because of the problems between the political blocs and lack of confidence among which led the country into insecurity and deterioration Economic due to lack of confidence and lack of democratization is a real lack of balance and autocracy All of these factors adversely actual national of a country of reconciliation. The country today need to sectarian fire and returned to the country of real institutions away from sectarian quotas that ravaged the day we need to components contribute to the building the country and not the parties and to respect all the ingredients and take natural rights according to the Constitution and this is the one who put the wheel on the right track even going smooth and realistic ". He was President Fuad Masum, said last Wednesday, community reconciliation, based on an objective analysis of the nature of the obstacles facing the cohesion society and impede the vital breakthrough in various fields, will be the basis for the most important to the success of the national reconciliation project. It is noteworthy that, the President Fuad Masum, plans to introduce a national reconciliation on the heads of political blocs for the purpose identified and then starting to be implemented, according to the official spokesman for the Presidency of the Republic Khaled Huani .