Husseini: reforms must be balanced and serious, and gain satisfaction everyone

Called Bloc MP for the citizen dreams Husseini, the government, to take the recommendations of the religious authority as a way of action to implement the reforms and Alqdhaealy corruption and accounting spoilers.
He said al-Husseini told all of Iraq [where], that "the executive branch taking reference recommendations into consideration in the eradication of corruption and accountability of the corrupt and prosecute thieves of public money," stating, "The directives reference weekly Friday sermons represent a course of action reformist comprehensive power can Executive studied and analyzed and relied upon in steps reformist ". She stressed Husseini, the need, that" be balanced, transparent, and a new and realistic reforms, and gain consensus among everyone. "She said al-Husseini, said that" mass citizens are still fixed on its position in the support and the support of the reform and the fight against corruption in All his joints, and in reference guidance service and implementation of all required, indicating that the citizen bloc will be one of the first Almtsidin to lead the helm of the reform and the fight against corruption and the corrupt.
"added Husseini that the citizen mass initiated since the beginning of initiating reforms put the resignations of Minister to the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi also provided political body the bloc's support and the support of the reforms led by al-Abadi. asserting that the Supreme Council for the development of an initiative to support reforms in state institutions was offered to all the political blocs and parliamentary figures to take advantage of it. "She concluded Husseini, said that" mass citizen renews its firm position in support and the support of government guidelines in the implementation of reforms and the fight against the religious authority to implement the directives of corruption ".anthy