The demonstrators in Sulaimaniya encamped media Kurdish parties

Kurdish sources said on Sunday, the orientation of the demonstrators to the Islamic Union headquarters and pelted with stones, and the others lowered the flag for the party the MDC headquarters in Kalar area.
The demonstrations broke out in several cities in the Kurdistan region because of the deteriorating economic conditions and the failure to find a solution to Mhkh presidency of the province after it ended the state of the region's president, Massoud Barzani, on 20 August.
_He said the Islamic Union organizations in Ckramaan Arslan favor of district official, in a press statement that "the demonstrators We attacked our headquarters in Kalar, and we are inside the headquarters now as members of the Islamic Association with the brave forces, we do not know so far how it will turn. " Saleh added, "We do not want the shedding of one drop of blood, and we are ready to evacuate the headquarters, we do not know what the Islamic Union headquarters relationship the issue of employees' salaries delayed or political crisis. "Islamic Union organizations in the area Ckramaan official confirmed that the demonstrators forced him to down the flag of the Islamic Union in Almqr.anthy