Kurdistan Parliament held its meeting on Monday to discuss the current situation of the region

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} revealed Kurdish parliament member Teilhard nice, the House of Representatives of the Kurdistan hold a regular session to discuss the latest developments in the region. She nicely in a statement seen by The Euphrates News Agency {} today that "it is scheduled to be held tomorrow, the Parliament of Kurdistan, a regular session dealing with two axes, the first rules of procedure of Parliament, the second axis, the current situation of the Kurdistan region." She noted that "to activate the role of the Kurdistan Parliament about the current challenges facing the region." Protesters attacked on Saturday several headquarters of the Democratic Party of Kurdistan, led by President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani - the city of Sulaimaniya as time Sadmat between protesters and security forces. He announced Sulaymaniyah governor Aso Feridun disabled official working in the province for three days, indicating, that the disabled official working for three days is to calm the situation and the campaign of cleaning the city's streets .anthy