Iranian official Kubiš: We oppose all ideas to divide Iraq

Confirmed assistant secretary of Iran's foreign Alhwoon in Arab and African Hossein Amir Abdallahیan the need to respect and commitment of all the unity of Iraqi territory. Said Abdallahaan during a meeting on Saturday representative of the secretary-general of the United Nations in Iraq, Jan کobیh in Tehran, "We are opposed to all ideas that talk about the division of Iraq as a mechanism political." He noted Amیrabdallahیan to the strategic role of Iraq and its impact on stability and security in the entire region, "Maکda" the need to support the international community to the Iraqi government in the face of terrorism. "He stressed the Iranian official the need to respect and commitment of all the unity of Iraqi territory, saying," We are opposed to the ideas that are splitting Iraq are politically and we consider these trends as inconsistent, security and stability in Iraq and the region. "For his part, internationalist Representative in Iraq During this meeting, an explanation about the situation in Iraq, saying overcome the difficult and sensitive conditions in Iraq as Achieving national unity in this country as well as the constructive participation of the parties and regional and international ".