Agricultural Bank reveals alternatives to ensure the real estate in exchange for the granting of loans

Alsumaria News / Baghdad - Detection of the Agricultural Bank, Sunday, alternatives to ensure the real estate in exchange for the granting of loans to citizens, noting that the loan was adopted for the first time the project itself guarantee by 50% if the owner of the loan does not have anything to ensure.

He said the bank director Mohammad Hadi in an interview with the program "of 10 of 11," which aired "Alsumaria TV", "The banks in Iraq and the countries of the world depends on the guarantee of real estate in exchange for the granting of loans," noting that "the central bank loan and the new put it several alternatives to ensure the real estate, including guarantees by the staff, and bills, and Mkhclat gold, and agricultural equipment and machinery."

He said Hadi, "among the alternatives that have been adopted for the first time, is the same project to ensure 50% or constructions which were above his land as collateral real estate," he said, adding that "there are committees problem in order to seriously follow up the completion of projects and disbursement of loans in the form of payments in accordance with the stages of completion project."

He announced the Agricultural Bank, on Sunday, announced the launch of loans to citizens during the current week, indicating that the bank for the first time will depend on the mechanism of "electronic loan" in the granting of loans.

The Central Bank of Iraq, announced earlier, to begin launching the largest funding for lending programs in Iraq, noting that they belong to finance industrial and agricultural sectors as housing and support small and medium enterprises and revitalizing the Iraqi economy.